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An Abstract from Congress. This is an example of a broadside and was printed for the troops of the colony of Massachusetts and explains the bounty and benefits that can be obtained by all good patriots who join the cause. It is a nice example of an early recruiting poster. $3.00

American Enlistment Form. This interesting document is a three in one form. It provides for the enlistment of the soldier, and then makes a statement that he has received the bounty for the enlistment. This is followed by the new recruit's loyalty oath to Congress. From an original in our collection. Package of 8. $6.00

American Loyalty Oath. This is a reproduction of the oath that was originally issued to the Officers of the American army. Package of 10. $6.00

BY THE KING, A Proclamation for Supressing Sedition & Rebellion   A large size reproduction of the famous 1775 proclamation condemning the hostilities developing within the colonies. It calls upon both the civil and military jurisdictions to establish order in the name of the Crown. Suitable for framing or posting at an important encampment, large size, parchment style paper, $8.00.

British Loyalty Oath. This is a reproduction of the oath that was administered to Loyalists.Package of 6.. $7.00

British Officer Commission-French & Indian War-American Revolution. Attractively printed from the original it measures a full 11 x 17 as does the original. It has the King's signature in the upper left corner and is blank so that the appropriate information can be filled in. The text of the original is included so that it can be copied onto the document in the proper manner. It comes with a blue tax stamp of V shillings, an embossed stamp bearing the Royal Arms and two printed tax stamps attached to the back, all copying the originals. The commission is printed on a vellum textured paper to match the original. Please specify whether you want the Rev War , or the French and Indian War commission. $10.00

Commissions of Robert Rogers,1756-1757.  One of the most famous personalities of the French & Indian War was Robert Rogers. These two commissions are exact facsimiles of the originals in the Public Record Office in England. The first is the original commission granted by Governor Shirley of Massachusetts, which authorized Rogers to raise the first company of Rangers. The second document is from Lord Loudon and authorizes Rogers to raise "five additional companies to be forthwith raised and employ'd in His Majesty's Services." The documents are written on both sides and are reproduced on period style paper. Offered as a pair only. $8.00

American Officers Commission. This handsome commission is reprinted from an original of Col. Wigglesworth of the Continental Line. It measures a full 11 x 17, the same size as the original, is printed on either laid paper or vellum and has the signatures of Hancock, President of the Congress, and Charles Thompson, Secretary of the Congress. $5.00

Signals for the Battalion. This is a printed sheet of the drum beats and signals that they represented. This was posted within a camp so that all would understand the calls. Printed in Philadelphia in a large size format. $6.00/pkg. 8

Company Return of the Sick. A popular form for re-enactors, especially if a unit has a Surgeon. The form measures 8 1/2 x 5 1/2. $6.00/pkg.

Regimental Return of the Sick. This is a companion form to the one above and is a regimental summary of the company returns. 8 1/2 x 11, $5.00/pkg. 6

Prisoner Parole. This document is a British parole form for captured American officers. It allows officers, who are held as prisoners to be released after having been captured. They promise that they will, upon exchange, not to inhibit the success of the King's Troops. A unique and different form. $5.00/pkg. 8

Instructions to be Observed in Procuring Men for His Majesty's Ships. This early 18th century work prescribes the methods to be employed in obtaining men for the fleet. It has provisions for the proper listing of the men on the rolls, how they are to be paid, as well as how to deal with press gangs. There is a blank form to be filled in by the Captain as well as forms for the disbursements spent in procuring men for the ship. A nice items for those doing a naval impression. Large size, marbled wrap, $14.00.

Instructions and Warrant for Those Appointed to Impress Seamen for the Service of His Majesty's Ships. This is a three page press warrant, printed on large size paper to be filled in with the name of the individual sent to press men for the fleet. The third page provides space for the date and year and signatures, including a Lord of the Admiralty. The work is interesting in that it gives instructions as to what manner of man CANNOT be pressed. A good companion piece to the previous work, $8.00.

O R D E R S Established for the Well-Government of His Majesty's Ships. A large 18th century braodside that lists ten proscribed activities and their punishments. The list was to be posted in plain view for all to see and also to be read at certain times. Among the list is a punishment for "he that pisseth between decks." An unusual and interesting piece of naval arcana. On large stock, suitable for framing, $7.00.

British Recruiting Authorizations & Discharge Forms Napoleonic Period.The form shown above is the same format for each of the following early 19th century forms from the War Office. One is a Recruiting Authorization for Canada, another is for Recruiting Country Regiments, while a third is for general Recruitment in Great Britain. Each document has different wording and has the signatures of Palmerston and the Prince Regent. Please specify the form you wish to order. $5.00/pkg 5.

British Recruitment and Discharge Forms-American Revolution. Both of these forms are large and make a nice addition to an impression. They have the Royal Arms printed at the top and have two notary stamps affixed. If filled out properly they make very nice gifts that look great framed. Specify whether you want the Recruiting form or the Discharge. $6.00

Committee of Safety Broadside-1776. This is a reproduction of a rare broadside we recently purchased. It was originally printed by the Council of Safety in Philadelphia just prior to the Battle of Trenton and warns the inhabitants that the enemy "are at Trenton." It urges local militia captains to gather their men to prepare for battle. $7.00

Company Roll. This document is a reproduction of a British mustering roll, but probably could be used by an American unit portraying an early war impression. It provides columns for height, weight, etc, as well as country and/or parish of origin. Package of 4. $5.00

Field Return. This is a useful form for re-enactors, in that it condenses several other forms and can be used as the standard form for any unit, British or American. Package of 15. $8.00

Furlough. A form that relieves men from duty and allows them unfettered access or egress from a camp or town. This is especially useful for those who are ill or injured and who still wish to participate at an event, even if on a limited bases. Available in either British or American format, please specify. Package of 6. $5.00

Form of a Pass. This small form adds that extra touch to an impression, and provides a semblance of order to your unit and men as they come and go through the camp. Useful for either a British or American portrayal. Package of 20. $6.00

Inspection Return.  Although this is a copy of an official British Inspection Return, there really isn't any reason why it couldn't be used with an American unit. It is attractively printed in pyramid form and provides spaces to enter the appropriate numbers for good, bad and wanting. Large size format.. $5.00

Monthly Return of a Regiment. This is a summary form, and although not too many units may need it, it is helpful for those who do weekly events and who may want to maintain a running count of attendance on a period form. Package of 7. $6.00

Morning Report. A form that is taken from an original British form. It contains a roll for all men who are present from morning formation. Large size format, package of 7. $7.00

Order to March. This is a reproduction of an original order to march signed by Amherst. the document is large and has Amherst's signature and embossed seal. It is blank and can be filled in to meet the needs of  any regiment and/or  destination. the form is multi use and can be used by either French & Indian War or Rev War units. $7.00

Particular Return of a Regiment. This is a more detailed report form and can serve as a summary Inspection return. Package of 5. $5.00

Permit to Trade and Travel  This interesting document from the Public Records Office in England would be useful for those doing a French & Indian War impression. The original was issued by General Gage in 1762 to allow sutlers and traders to pass from Montreal into New York to trade with the Indians. However, the form in its blank state could be used for almost anything, including a safe conduct. The permit contains Gage's signature and that of his secretary. It also has an embossed stamp attached to it as did the original. Package of 3. $6.00

Quartering Act, 1757. The Quartering Act, like the Mutiny Act was passed each year by Parliament and then approved by the colonial legislatures. The act is in large format, suitable for posting or faming and is the Act passed by the Massachusetts Assembly in 1757. The form displays a large royal arms printed at the top and is printed on both sides on parchment paper. $8.00

Regimental Pau Authorization. This document allows a regiment to receive its pay. The amount of money is to be filled in and the appropriate signatures are necessary. A very useful item for those British regiments that portray a pay muster. Package of 6. $5.00

Safe Guard. The Safe guard is an interesting document that can be used by either British or Hessian troops. It declares to the troops that the property it is posted upon is not to be harmed in any way. It is printed in both German and English. the penalty for forcing a Safe Guard was death. Package of 4. $7.00

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