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NEW: The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer together with the Litany According to the Use of the Church of England, London, 1762 In response to numerous inquiries we are pleased to announce the publication of The Order for Morning and Evening Prayer together with the Litany According to the Use of the Church of England, taken directly from the Baskerville edition of the Book of Common Prayer published in 1762. This 52 page pamphlet, contains the original text of the 1762 edition, and is printed on laid paper. Each is side stitched, and is perfect for carrying in the haversack. This is an ideal addition to oneís kit, especially for use as a short Divine Service on Sundays. $8.00.

NEW: Advice to the Officers of the British Army: With the addition of Some Hints to the Drummer and Private Soldier London, 1783. A mocking look backwards on the conduct of the war against the American Colonies. Every instance of corruption, disregard and vice are suggested for every rank of the army. Tongue in cheek, but obviously rooted in truth. It also contains a satirical portrait of Jeremiah Hodges, Grose's erstwhile commanding officer in the Surrey militia. The current work has been enlarged by 30%, contains the original text of the 1786 edition, and is printed on laid paper. Each book is sewn and is available in either a blue printerís cover, or hand marbled cover. All the original ads have been retained. $15.00.

Images of the 18th Century CD-ROM. We are pleased to bring you this computer program containing over 350 MB of period images, book designs, ornaments, woodcut first initials, military, naval and period picutres and painting. The program was released last year and has been extremely popular. Also included on the disk are backgrounds and marbled paper images suitable for use in publications and desktop publishing. The program is designed to run on both MAC and PC platforms. Jewel cased with printed manual. $23.00.

An Act to Enable His Majesty to put the Customs and other Duties in the British Dominions in America, London, 1767. This Act established the new system of Customs Commissioners as established under the Townshend Acts. It authorizes the manner of collecting and enforcing revenues and tariffs, etc., to be imposed upon merchants and trades. Small folio, 4 pages printed in black letter with an impressive decorated first initial. A nice reprint of a rare piece of Americana. $8.00.

An Essay on Ways and Means of Raising Money, &c. This interesting pamphlet circulated during the "pamphlet wars" of the mid 18th century. It provides an interesting look at the philosophical and political views concerning the military, and attempts to explain the raison d' tre of financing military operations. An interesting aside to this work is that it seeks the means to raise money without increasing the public debt. Printed in London in 1756, the work is 35 pp. in length. $7.00.

An Exact and Authentic Narrative of M. Blanchard's Third Aerial Voyage, London, 1784. Scientific progress was of great importance to the 18th century gentleman. This work is one of the most important scientific narratives of the period. The Blanchard brothers were pioneers of early flight and designed and flew the earliest hot air baloons. This rare work recounts their traveling from Rouen in which they flew the equivalent of 45 miles in a little more than two hours, great speed in the 18th century. There is a large nicely engraved frontispiece of their air ship, large size, bound in marbled wrap, $18.00.

The American Crisis, #1, 1776 The famous pamphlet by Thomas Paine, often quoted and which served to galvanize Washington's demoralized forces prior to the Battle of Trenton. Re-type set in period format. In printed wrap. $6.00.

The Beggars Opera. This popular 18th century work is reproduced from the London edition of 1754 and is complete with the original musical score, including the Overture. It has a delightful frontispiece and is bound in printed wraps, copying the attractive title page. $15.00

The Crisis, or a Full Defence of the Colonies, London, 1766.This is a rare and early pamphlet arguing that the British Constitution had been flagrantly violated by the passage of the Stamp Act, and that the Crown had no right to lay an arbitrary tax upon the Americans. An interesting piece in light of today's anti-tax sentiment. Bound in marbled wrap, $12.00.

Common Sense. The famous work by Thomas Paine that became the argument for Revolution. This small tract of 77 pages is one of the most influential works concerning the grievances of the colonies against the crown. It is reprinted from the first edition published by Bell in Philadelphia in 1776, and is bound in blue printed wraps as was the original. $15.00

Hoyle's Games Improved, London, 1778. This work is a practical treatise on the fashionable games of the 18th century. It contains the rules for the games as agreed upon at White's and Stapleton's Chocolate Houses. Among the games included with their rules are hazard, piquet, whist, back-gammon, etc. The 200 pages of text also provide rules for the proper and advantageous betting at the games of chance. Bound in either a printed paper wrap or a marbled re-enforced cover with printed label. Either style binding, $30.00.

John Briton's, A Journal of the Second American Campaign, or, the Dirty Little Regimental Sketchbook, by John Wright. This work is not an eighteenth century reprint, but an amusing and bawdy collection of pen and ink drawings illustrating the life of a British soldier and his harlot. The theme is right out of Hogarth and is bound in a period style paper binding, side stitched with printed covers. This work is not for children, but is certainly an enjoyable escapade for adults, $20.00.

Letters to a Nobleman, On the Conduct of the War in the Middle Colonies, by Joseph Galloway, London, 1779. Stirred by the British government's attempt to gloss over the failure of the American campaigns of 1776-1778, Galloway in this pamphlet, charged that the failure was due to leadership. He charged that the forces dispatched to America were indeed adequate for success and that the failure was due entirely to the gross incompetence and negligence of the commanding officers, particularly William Howe. The folding plan of the Philadelphia region, with an array of the troop positions, shows how General Washington might have been defeated with better tactics. This 100 page work began a pamphlet war between the author and Howe. Stitched and bound in marbled wrap,$22.00.

London Magazine for January, 1757. This issue contains extensive news including a Journal of the Siege of Fort St. Philip and a Journal of the Siege and fall of Oswego. There is also an interesting article on the History and Climate of New York. An Antient Satire on Women is also included. In printed paper wrap, $10.00

London Magazine for October, 1757. This issue contains an Account of the Taking of Fort William Henry, the French treachery and Indian cruelty displayed, together with the Articles of Capitulation and the letter of Montcalm to the governor. There is also an account of Fort Johnson near being surprised. Other articles of interest are an Account of the Settlement of Georgia, news of the activities of the King of Prussia, news of the fleet and on bread and baking. Also included is a plan of Rochefort and Rochelle and a portrait of Lord Loudon. In printed paper wrap, $10.00

Gentleman's Magazine for May, 1775. An exact reproduction of the original in our possession. It contains the first account of Lexington and Concord as well as much other interesting information regarding the political situation in pre-war America. The work provides insight to contemporary life and politics in both America and England. Bound in printed wraps as issued. $10.00

Gentleman's Magazine for October, 1775. This reprint contains numerous accounts of the London merchants who both approve and disapprove of Parliament's actions against the colonies. There is an interesting piece on the keeping of musical time, a fold out map of Boston and other interesting items including poetry. Printed wrap, stitched as issued, $10.00

Gentleman's Magazine for September, 1778. This reprint contains news of the Battle of Monmouth, various Parliamentary debates on the American question, a Proclamation issued by the Commissioners in America, General Sullivan's letter to General Pigot, and much other useful and interesting information. Printed wrap, stitched as issued, $10.00

Lady's Magazine, Supplement to 1776. This work is a fine example of the various magazines issued for the 18th century woman. This work contains news of the Royal Army and its actions in and around New York, the surrender of Forts Lee and Washington, poetry, a section known as the Lady's Physician, and an article on the connoisseurs of painting. In printed wrap, $10.00

Ranger's Impartial List of the Ladies of Pleasure, &c. This small pocket size booklet describes in unmatched detail and admiration the "votaries of Venus" that played the game of love in Edinburgh in 1775. The work is stitched and bound in printed blue wraps as was the original. $9.00

Ames' Almanack for 1765. The Almanacs of Nathaniel Ames were very popular throughout the 18th century. This work, published in Boston contains much interesting information regarding the weather, phases of the moon, holidays and anecdotal comments on various subjects. Most interesting is that it provides the distances to the various cities and towns of the colonies. In a printed wrap, stitched as issued, $6.00

Observations on the Prevailing Abuses in the British Army, London, 1775. An interesting 80 page contemporary work condemning the irregularities within the army structure. There is a detailed crticism of the civil government and the corruption existing therein. The practice of commission by purchase is condemned and the author calls for a general reform and increase of pay for the officers and men. Bound stitiched in marbled wraps, $18.00.

The Gardeners Pocketbook, or Country Gentleman's Recreation. If you want to know about 18th century gardening this book has it all! It contains the names of seeds, roots and vegetables as well as the method of propagating them, with many curious Hints towards the Improvements of TREES, FRUIT AND FLOWERS. Published in London in 1726, this 55 pp. work is stitched and bound in marbled wraps.$12.00

The Gentlemen's Travellers and Husbandman Pocket Companion. This 84 page work contains chapters such as "the Complete Vermin Killer,""The Poor Man's Physician," and the "Sussex Shepherd's Rules for Judging the Weather." All in all, it provides a great insight into 18th century rural life. Bound and stitched in marbled wraps. $15.00

The Little Female Orators. This delightful children's book first appeared in London in 1770 and contains a series of nine short stories, each designed with a moral in mind. Ideal for use by either children or adults. Bound in marbled boards. $20.00

The Rudiments of Genteel Behaviour by F. Nivelon, 1737. This guide to genteel behaviour is broken into two parts, one for ladies and one for gentlemen. Topics covered are how to stand, walk, bow, to give and to receive and well as the proper position for dancing the minuet. The text is accompanied by woodblock illustrations of each position described..

The work can be had bound in a hand marbled wrap at $23.00

The Mode for the cultivating and Dressing Hemp by Abbe Brulles, London, 1790 An interestingwork describing how hemp is to be cultivated, dressed and prepared for use as rope and cordage. the work was originally ordered by the Lords of Trade and provides an interesting insight in 18th century agricultural practices. In marbled wrap,$18.00

New England's Trials, Declaring the Success of 80 Ships employed thither within these eight yeares. This extremely rare work by Capt. John Smith was published in 1622. Although not of an 18th century interest it certainly has promise for those interested in early American publications. Despite it's title, the work does not only concern itself with New Engaland as mention is made as to how Smith used these same methods in Virginia. For bibliophiles, this work is reproduced from the second edtion, of which only 5 known copies are extant, while there are no known copies of the first edition still in existence. Small folio pamphlet in marbled wrap,$12.00

The Works of Addison, Poems on Several Occasions, This pamphlet was first printed in London in 1721 and contains a Poem to the King which first appeared in 1695 and is dedicated to King William. There is also a larger poem celebrating the successes of the Duke of Marlborough. The work has an engraved frontispiece and is stitched with a marbled wrap. A nice piece for the literati. $9.00

A Narrative of the Excursion and Ravages of the King's Troops. This small pamphlet was authorized and published by the Provincial Congress in May, 1775, following the outbreak of hostilities. The work is a compilation of sworn depositions made by participants in the opening engagements at Lexington and Concord. A nice source of primary material, in printed wrap, $7.00

A History of the Fight at Concord on the 19th of April, 1775. This is a reprint of a very rare pamphlet, first published in 1827 by Ezra Ripley in reply to Elias Phinney's History of the Battle of Lexington. The importance of the work is that it commenced a dispute between the two towns as to which saw the first blood of the war, a dispute which still exists today, but also, and most importantly, it shows how incomplete depositions, or the non-telling of the actual story, can return to haunt the events of the truth of history. This work nicely complements the previous publication and is important to finding out and investigating "what really happened" on that fateful April day. In printed wrap, $10.00

Pocket Day Book. These small books contain 40-50 pages of laid paper, are hand stitched with linen thread and bound in marbled paper. They are very attractive and are useful for both ladies and gentlemen, $3.00

Blank Journal Books. These medium to larger size books are made up of between 125 pages for the smaller and approximately 150 pages for the larger. The small book is approximmately 5 x 8 stitched in a marbled wrap, while the larger book is 8 x 11 and is also bound in a marbled wrap.

$9.00 for the smaller.

$14.00 for the large.

Portfolios. These are ideal for use by ladies, gentlemen or officers. They measure 14 x 9 and provide plenty of room for carrying blank pages, recipes or forms. They are bound in quarter bound leather with matching inner and outer marbled designs. The Portfolio is closed with silk ribbon ties at the top, bottom and sides. Each comes with 25 pages of laid paper.

Quarter Leather $75.00

Marriage Licences. These large, 11 x 17 documents are available for each colony prior to the American Revolution. They are blank, as were the originals and are ready to be filled in with the names of your choice. The name, title and/or rank of the last Royal Governor of the colony is printed at the top of the document, and is dated from the last royal capitol of the selected colony. Each also comes with an embossed notary seal attached.

Please state the colony you wish. Only the original 13 are available. $10.00

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